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The Journaling Meditators Membership

We all know the benefits of journaling and meditation, but many find it hard to make the habit stick. 

With two group calls per month, we'll be the ultimate accountability buddies for each other!

These twice monthly calls will allow you to reflect on the past couple of weeks, and set your intentions for the weeks ahead. 


Andrea will facilitate the call to guide the group discussion, before leading you in an intuitive meditation, followed by journaling prompts which align with your intentions for the month.

Your Investment

your commitment

The membership includes:

2 SUNDAY EVENINGS A MONTH, 1 HOUR GROUP CALL (8.30pm) which will be recorded for anyone who is unable to attend the session live (These recordings will not be shared outside of the group)

This is a rolling membership, anyone can join at anytime of the year, and you can unsubscribe at any point too.

Whatever date you join, is when your membership starts, and any subsequent payments will be on the same date each month.


Membership is £20 per month


However, if you are ready to make the ultimate commitment to yourself and your practice, you can subscribe for the entire year.  £200 for year ( get 2 months free)

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