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The 10 weeks to New You course.
Includes Paperback Course Guide Workbook and 10 Downloadable Audio Meditations.

This package includes your workbook, to use you journey through each of the 10 the weeks, along with guided audio meditations for every week of the course.

The design of the course is that you will read the relevant chapter at the beginning of each week to explain the subject of that week's meditation. You will then practice the meditation and journaling as suggested each day for the rest of the week before moving on to the next topic.
Each week builds upon the previous week.

This course is designed to help you build journaling and/or meditation into your everyday life by using the morning and evening routines section each week.

Other than this workbook, and the downloadable meditations and guides all you'll need is something to write on and something to write with!

10 Weeks to a New You Meditation and Journaling Course (Book+Audio Meditations)

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