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What is The Real Life Hack?

Hi! My name is Andrea and I am a mum of 3 who has always been looking for little hacks to make life easier and more enjoyable, but now I know that the real life hack is to go much deeper and heal yourself. This is a journey I am still on myself, and it is also what I now teach others to do through business The Real Life Hack.


I’ve always been a lover of a good life hack, whether that is how to quickly take the stalks out of strawberries or the best way to fold your underwear, as I figure if someone else has gone to the trouble of finding an easier way and sharing it then why wouldn’t we use it?

This really became very important when I became a mum for the first time, with a very unsettled baby. I needed all of the life hacks I could get as it was literally a survival technique for us both. I needed all the help I could get, as I was also dealing with very serious mental ill health at the time.

I was so grateful for hacks including The Organised Mum Method and The Batch Lady as they helped me to streamline things and make my days more manageable. This helped with the overwhelm, but it still didn’t stop me from feeling like I was broken inside, this is where the inner work began.

I had an amazing counsellor who really kicked me off on my journey of self-awareness and healing. I then trained to become a peer supporter for other parents on their mental health journey via the amazing charity that is The Parent Rooms.

From here I made the decision to go all in and train to become a meditation teacher so that I could share the tools that had been so transformational for me with others. This is where The Real Life Hack was born!

I am still a firm believer in all using all of the life hacks that others have kindly shared, but also know that they need to be accompanied by the deep inner work of healing from your past if you are to achieve the future you desire and deserve!

“I am passionate about using my own lived experience of mental illness, recovery and personal development journey to inspire and empower others to create a life they’ll love to live”.

- Andrea Murtagh

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