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  • TimeFinder Time Blocker: Digital Download, can be printed or used on your electronic devicesThe Timefinder is for anyone who wishes there were more hours in the day!Use this planner to map out your day, and start to fit more in...FIND POCKETS OF TIME1. Start by blocking off the times that you can't change what happens e.g. work hours, school runs, scheduled hobbies, activities, classes or other commitments you have. Don't forget the time you sleep!2. Go through your week and note down what you do in the other time and roughly how long it takes. This could be things like house work, socialising, scrolling on your phone... These are things which you usually do, but may not necessarily need to be done either at a fixed time, or possibly at all.3. Notice any little pockets of time you have left, which you might be able to include some of the activities you currently feel you don't have time for.Now take a look at your timefinder and make the following 2 lists...1. Things which need to be done, but could potentially be carried out more effectively, thus saving time.2. Things which would enrich your life, but you feel like you don't really have enough time for.Then use your Timefinder to help you shift that balance and start creating a life you love!
  • Wellness Toolkit: This tool works so well in conjunction with Journaling, but can equally be used as a standalone tool.Whether you have a daily journaling practice or not, begin to take note of the things that bring you joy each day, and also the things that sapped your joy. Turn these into a list of all the things you might choose to do or avoid in any given week.Next, take a highlighter and highlight the things on your list that you want to do / avoid EVERY DAY.Then with another highlighter write the numbers 5, 20, 60 (number of minutes) or the letter D (full day) beside the other things on your list according to how long they take…Add your EVERYDAY TASKS onto your planner.Display your tool box somewhere prominent in your home and schedule time for them each day or select from them whenever you have the time.
  • Transformational Month Guide: A month's worth of tips and strategies to start transforming you life, one habit at a time. Use this to sample each one and then begin to build them into your life for good, starting with the ones you find most impactful. By way of a thank you for this free resource, please share what you find helpful, and tag me in your social media. 

Have a great month! 

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